Bo Bo 白波 is mentioned in the History of the Later Han and Zizhi tongjian as a leader among the Black Mountain Bandits. Bo Bo might have been a nickname, meaning “White Wave”. Bo Bo's first and only mention comes in 184, when the Black Mountain Bandits were formed around the time of the Yellow Turban Rebellion. At about this time there was also a banditgroup called the Bobo Bandits 白波戝, who resided in the Bobo Valley 白波谷. It could be that the name of the group has been interpreted as that of an individual [and that the Bobo bandits were in alliance with the Black Mountain bandits].

While many of his fellow bandits were killed by Yuan Shao 袁紹 in 193 in several skirmishes, Bo Bo is not mentioned in these. His fate, if he indeed was a person, thus remains unknown.