Bu Si 卜巳 (or Bu Yi 已) was a leader of Yellow Turbans. He fought in the 184 AD Yellow Turban Rebellion and was active in Dong commandery.


Bu Si was from Dong commandery in Yan province. He was one of 360.000 followers who joined Zhang Jue 張角 between the early 170’s and 184 AD. When the Rebellion broke out Bu Si was a leader of a group of Yellow Turbans in Cangting village in Dong commandery.

When Huangfu Song 皇甫嵩 and Zhu Jun 朱儁 had pacified the three commanderies of Runan, Yingchuan and Chen, an imperial edict ordered Huangfu Song to attack Dong commandery.[2] In the eight lunar month of 184 AD one of his troops, commanded by Fu Xie 傅燮, battled Bu Si’s force at Cangting village, capturing and killing Bu Si in the process.[1]


  • The Yellow Turbans had thirty-six Divisions, and each Division had a Division Leader. Under Division Leader there was gang leader. The History of the Later Han and Zizhi tongjian do not say which title, if any, Bu Si had.
  • Bu Si 卜巳 is sometimes written as Bu Yi 卜已.


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