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Many thanks to my good friend Guihua for helping with these translations, as well as "desource" for the professional help.

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  • You will see many brackets [ ] in the translations. One reason this is done is because often a person would be addressed by just his or her given name. For example the husband of Lady Bu Lianshi is Sun Quan, but in her biography he is called "吳主權" which means Ruler of Wu Quan. For easier understanding we add the missing surname 'Sun' between brackets; 'Ruler of Wu [Sun] Quan.
  • Another thing you will notice is that many people, especially royal people, are addressed by their title, Emperor, Empress, King, etc. They are referred to like that in the official histories, so we keep that intact. We do add their given name and surname in brackets, so "宣穆皇后" will be translated as "Empress Xuanmu [Zhang Chunhua]".

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