A Division (方, Fang) was the equivalent of an army under a general. Yellow Turban leader Zhang Jue had set up 36 Divisions prior to his attack on the Han in 184 A.D. There are two sorts of Divisions; Large Divisions and Small Divisions. It is known that Ma Yuanyi commanded a Large Division.

A Large Division (dà fāng, 大方) had 10.000+ men

A Small Division (xiǎo fāng, 小方) had 6.000 or 7.000 men

Each Division Leader in his turn appointed a gang leader (qu-shuai, 渠帥)[1] to a troop of his army.


  • Historian Maspero translates the terms for leaders as Magicians and Regional Leaders.
  • Paul Michaud and Howard S. Levy translate qu-shuai (渠帥) as 'great leaders', which is incorrect.[1]


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