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Welcome to Gongjin's Campaign Memorials - a Three Kingdoms Wiki.

This edittable encyclopedia was founded on 10 January 2010 by Zantam03.

The goal of this wiki is to become a reliable source of information for everything regarding the Three Kingdoms period of China.

Brief historyEdit

In December 2009 Zantam03 started the Sanguozhi - Record of the Three Kingdoms Wiki as both a newbie to Wikia and a newbie to the Three Kingdoms. It wasn't meant to become a long-term project, but more like Zantam03's personal notebook on the Three Kingdoms.

In some weeks time Zantam03 got quite hooked on working on his website and learned more about how Wikia works and learned more about the Three Kingdoms. He thought it was a good idea to start a new wiki, rather than changing and fixing everything about the Sanguozhi wiki, and so on 10 January 2010 "The Three Kingdoms Wiki" was created. Several years later the wiki still stands, with 7,937 articles and a new name "Gongjin's Campaign Memorials: a Three Kingdoms Wiki".

The wiki is named after Sun Quan's commander Zhou Yu 周瑜, whose style name was Gongjin 公瑾. In hanzi Gongjin's Campaign Memorials is written as 公瑾之出師表 (Gōngjǐn zhī chūshībiǎo).

  • 公瑾 = Gong jin
  • 之 = 's (indicating a possession)
  • 出師 = campaign
  • 表 = memorial

On 2 July 2010 Gongjin's Campaign Memorials, (at that time still named "The Three Kingdoms Wiki") was awarded the Wikia Star for becoming the first Community Winner.

In June 2010 and December 2013 Gongjin's Campaign Memorials was enjoying a spot among Wikia's Spotlighted Wiki's.

Spotlight June 2010Edit

Wikia spotlight 6-2010

Spotlight December 2013Edit

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Current and Former DesignsEdit

The current design is based on the cover art for modern releases of the Zizhi tongjian, History of the Later Han and the Records of the Three Kingdoms. Below you see former designs:


first design, for "Monaco" is lost. Light brown was the main colour and this image was its background. The Wiki was called "The Three Kingdoms Wiki" at this time.

TKWiki theme2

The second design. First design for "Oasis". When Wikia released Oasis this Wiki was given a little make-over and the name changed to Gongjin's Campaign Memorials

TKWiki theme2-1

The third design (top), using mainly black and white.

TKWiki theme2-2

The third design (bottom). Many Three Kingdoms art is black&white. That's why the wiki adopted these colours.

TKWiki theme4

The fourth design. It was inspired by designs of modern editions of Sanguo zhi, Hou Han shu, Jin shu, etc


the wordmark for the fourth design


Currently a new design is being developed.

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