Chapter 05.1 - Cao Cao Appeals To The Powerful Lords

Cao Cao and various warlords of the coalition.
Image from chapter 5 of a Ming Dynasty edition of Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

The Guangdong Coalition (Guǎngdōng liánméng 廣東聯盟), translated as "Coalition East of the Mountains", was a coalition formed in the first month of the year 190 A.D. that opposed Dong Zhuo. Yuan Shao, being a descendant of great officials, was appointed as its leader.

The coalition failed to gain much success and eventually the warlords turned against each other.

The coalition was divided in three forces:

  • Yuan Shao, leader of the alliance, was north of the Yellow River, in Henei commandery.
  • A second group occupied the southern bank of the river, east of the capital.
  • A third group was commanded by Yuan Shu, with headquarters at Luyang in Nanyang.

Members of the Guangdong CoalitionEdit

Officers of the Coalition MembersEdit