Guo Daxian 郭大賢 was a leader among the Black Mountain Bandits. He was nicknamed Great-Virtue Guo.


Guo Daxian was a leader among the Black Mountain bandits from Taihang range in Chaoge county, Henei.

During the Campaign against Dong Zhuo Yuan Shao 袁紹 had established a base of his own and some of the north eastern provinces came under his control.

In the third month of the year 193 A.D. Yuan Shao was at Boluo Crossing. The troops in Wei commandery rebelled and joined Poison Yu 于毒 and the other Black Mountain bandits to make a force of several ten thousand men. They stormed Ye city, the capital of Wei commandery, and killed the Grand Administrator. Yuan Shao went back to camp at Chiqiu.

Later that year, after the sixth month, Yuan Shao launched a small campaign against these Black Mountain bandits. After defeating Poison Yu south in the Luchang Hills, he headed north, where he defeated Great-Virtue Guo and many other Black Mountain bandit leaders.[1]


  • The Boluo Crossing of the Zhang River was north of present-day Guangzong in Hebei, some thirty kilometres northwest of the Jie Bridge.


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