Han Dang 韓當 was hard working achieved meritorious service.


He was adept and horseback archery and possessed great strength.

He served under Sun Jian and fought with him throughout his campaigns. Han Dang always fought deep within the enemy ranks and would often capture prisoners. He was particularly favoured by Sun Jian, however, because he would always share the prisoners he captured with other officers so they could gain merit, he only rose to the rank of Senior Major under Sun Jian's command.

When Sun Ce began his campaigns, Han Dang, like most of Sun Jian's former officers chose to follow him. Han Dang aided Sun Ce in his conquest and was promoted to Colonel and given a command of 2,000 infantry and 50 cavaliers.

Wherever the forces of Wu fought, Han Dang would be there. He fought for Sun Ce till his death, then fought for his brother, Sun Quan.

In 203 A.D., Sun Quan headed west to attack Huang Zu. He found great success, but the Shanyue back in his home territory revolted so he was forced to retreat. Sun Quan dispersed his forces to pacify the entire region by giving them important administrative positions. Han Dang was made Chief of Le'an (樂安) and brought the local Shanyue to submission.

Han Dang was promoted to General of the Household and fought under Zhou Yu and Cheng Pu at Chibi when Cao Cao invaded. And then again under Lü Meng when he fought against Guan Yu for control of Jing province. Han Dang was promoted to Lieutenant-General and made Grand Administrator of Yongchang (永昌).

In 221 A.D., Liu Bei attacked Wu to exact his vengeance for the death of Guan Yu. Han Dang was stationed at Yidu (宜都) in Wuling commandery, along with Zhu Ran, Lu Xun and 5,000 troops. They fought against the Shu-Han forces spearhead at Zhuoxiang and scored an impressive victory. Han Dang was promoted to (威烈) General Who is Firm and Majestic and ennobled as a Marquis of a Chief Commune.

In 222 A.D., Cao Pi launched a three-pronged attack on Wu. Cao Zhen was given command of the western flank which attacked Jiangling in Nan commandery. Han Dang defended the southeast. Han Dang was enfeoffed as Marquis of Shicheng (石城), promoted to (昭武將軍) General Who Displays Firmness, and given the position of Grand Administrator of Guanjun (冠軍).

Han Dang once led 10,000 shock troops (死及) against the bandits of Danyang (丹楊), crushing them.

In 227 A.D., Han Dang died of illness. His marquisate and military command were inherited by his son, Han Zong. Han Dang was an inspirational leader, his presence would unite the soldiers around him and raise their morale. He was also respectful and obedient towards his superiors, and he would always follow laws and orders to the letter.



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