Han Kui 韓悝 was a eunuch and Regular Palace Attendant. In the sixth month of 185 he was enfeoffed as a marquis along with eleven other eunuchs. Most of these enfeoffed eunuchs were part of some sort of group which appeared to have been led by Zhang Rang 張讓. It may be that Han Kui was also part of this group.


Historical sources don't share much information on the eunuch Han Kui. In the sixth month of 185 A.D., which is late July or early August, Han Kui and eleven other eunuchs were enfeoffed as full marquises for their good work against Zhang Jue 張角 and the Yellow Turbans.

Han Kui is not mentioned again. It could be that he died in 189 when He Jin's remnant forced stormed the palace and massacred all eunuchs, if Han Kui was still in Luoyang at that time.


  • Han Kui's date of death is not mentioned in historical sources, but it's safe to say he died in the eunuch massacre in 189 A.D. along with all other eunuchs.