Hex Mark (Dílú 的盧), or Hex Mark Horse (Dílúmǎ 的盧馬) was a horse in possession of Liu Bei 劉備, who used it to escape followers of Liu Biao 劉表 who plotted against him.


The Wei-Jin shiyu contains a passage about Liu Bei using Hex Mark. Pei Songzhi included this passage in his annotations to Liu Bei's biography in the Records of the Three Kingdoms. The passage reads:

The Shiyu says: Liu Bei lived in Fancheng and Liu Biao 劉表 treated him very well. But Liu Biao was a person who never trusted people much so he invited Liu Bei to a dinner party. Kuai Yue 蒯越 and Cai Mao 蔡瑁 wanted to use this occasion to capture Liu Bei. Liu Bei found out, excused himself, and left on his horse named Hex Mark (dílú 的盧). To the west of Xiangyang 襄阳, there was a river called the Tan river, where Liu Bei was trapped. Liu Bei shouted, ‘Hex Mark, danger has come, you have to try your best’. The horse jumped up three zhang and cleared the river. The pursuing troops arrived and shouted, ‘Why did you leave so quickly?’

The Jin dynasty historian Sun Sheng 孫盛 comments that this story is fiction.

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