Huang Chengyan 黃承彥 was a Later Han scholar. His daughter was married to the famous Shu-Han chancellor Zhuge Liang.


Huang Chengyan is mentioned in the 4th century work Xiangyang jijiu zhuan by Xi Zuochi and is quoted by Pei Songzhi 裴松之 in his commentaries on Sanguo zhi in the Book of Shu 5.[1][2]

The text is as follows:[2]


Which can be translated into:

According to the Xiangyang ji[jiu zhuan]: Huang Chengyan, a man of exceptionally high-minded and straightforward character and a famous man of Miannan, said to Zhuge Kongming:
“I heard you're looking to select a wife; I possess an ugly looking daughter, she has a yellow face with a dark complexion, but she possesses talent adequately capable of matching yours.”
Kongming agreed, and so [Huang Chengyan] sent her over at once. The people of that time considered this [event] to be an amusing story, and in the village a proverb arose out of this:
“Do not choose a wife as Kongming did, and end up with Ah Cheng's ugly daughter.”



Fact vs. FictionEdit


…Huang Chengyan did not help Wu's Lu Xun get out of Zhuge Liang's Stone Sentinel Maze during the Battle of Xiaoting.
…Zhuge Liang had a son named Zhuge Zhan, but it is not known if Huang Chengyan's daughter was the mother of this child.


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