Template:Infobox Character Other Huang Zu was a high-ranking naval officer and the Prefect of Jiangxia under the governor of Jingzhou, who served Liu Biao. His men were responsible for the death of Sun Jian. His two sons Sun Ce and Sun Quan would go on to haunt him until his death in 208 A.D.


After the Campaign against Dong Zhuo, Yuan Shu sent Sun Jian to attack Liu Biao near Xiangyang. Sun Jian led the attack on Jiangxia first, and there he met Huang Zu. Sun Jian completely routed Huang Zu's forces, who then retreated back to Xiangyang. When Sun Jian later attacked Xiangyang, Liu Biao ordered Huang Zu to gather reinforcements secretly and by night. When Huang Zu was on his way back, Sun Jian faced him once again. Huang Zu was defeated and fled into the Xian hills. Sun Jian however, made a terrible mistake. He pursued Huang Zu's retreating forces. Huang Zu ordered his men to hide in a bamboo grove. When Sun Jian came across the bamboo grove with his men, the soldiers came out from their hiding place and shot Sun Jian to death.[1]

With that event, the war between Yuan Shu and Yuan Shao died down. Back at Yangzhou, Sun Ce was building his army to revenge his father's death. He first attacked Liu Xun, the Prefect of Lujiang and so Liu Biao sent Huang Zu to attack Sun Ce.


Fact vs. FictionEdit
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