Template:Infobox Character OtherLü Jie was an officer of Huang Zu in the service of Liu Biao. During The Battle of Xiangyang he fled into the Xian Hills. One of his men (or several, depending on the theory) killed the opposing general Sun Jian.


At the Battle of Xiangyang in 191 A.D., Liu Biao and Huang Zu were fighting a lose battle against Yuan Shu's top general Sun Jian. When Sun Jian had beaten Huang Zu a second time, Lü Jie and several of his troops fled into the Xian hills.

Sun Jian took chase, but was ambushed and killed by one, or several, of Lü Jie's men.[1]

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  • Lü Jie is sometimes mentioned as Lü Gong.
  • Lü Jie is said in A Biographical Dictionary of the Later Han to have served Huang Zu in 192 A.D., this is in conflict with the date of the Battle of Xiangyang, which was late 191 A.D.
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  • Lü Jie did not lead Sun Jian in a trap set by Kuai Lang. He and his men fled the battlefield without any plan in mind.
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