This article is about the fictional character, for the historical character see Lü Bu 呂布, daughter of.

Lü Lingqi 呂玲綺 is Lü Bu's fictional daughter. She is based on Lü Bu's historical daughter, whose real name was not recorded. She was given the name Lingqi by Koei.


From Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI:

"Fictitious daughter of Lü Bu, she excelled at fighting. She was left behind when her father was driven out of Chang An, but later found her way back to him. There were talks of her marrying Yuan Shu's son, however, nothing ever came of them. After Lü Bu's death, her and her mother moved to Xu Chang."[1]



Fact vs. Fiction

  • Historically, the only thing known about Lü Lingqi is her small role in a marriage pact with Yuan Shu. Everything else is fiction.
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