Li Min 李旻 was an Administrator of Yingchuan. He fought in the Campaign against Dong Zhuo as an officer of Sun Jian 孫堅.


During the Campaign against Dong Zhuo 董卓 Sun Jian volunteered to take the vanguard in the attack against Dong Zhuo. He shifted camp to the east of Liang, where he met the forces of Li Meng and Xu Rong After a great battle, Sun Jian and his men were forced to flee for their lives. Thanks to Zu Mao 祖茂, who took Sun Jian's red cap to attract the enemy pursuit, Sun Jian managed to get away. Some of his men were less fortunate though, one of them being Li Min. He was captured by Xu Rong's forces and boiled alive along with Zhang An and Li Yan.[2] Zhang An and Li Min said to one another "We were not born on the same day, but we shall be boiled on the same day."[1]



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