Li Qian 李乾 was the father of Li Dian 李典. He joined Cao Cao 曹操 when Cao Cao was invited to be Governor of Yan province. Qian was killed because he refused to defect to Lü Bu's 呂布 side.


As a resident of Yan province, when 1,000,000 Yellow Turbans from Qing province began to pillage Yan, Li Qian was ready to repel them. In 192 A.D., Cao Cao was invited to Yan in order to deal with the Yellow Turbans, Qian, and many others, joined Cao Cao to defeat the Yellow Turbans east of Shouzhang (壽張).[1] Li Qian then later followed Cao Cao in the defeat of Yuan Shu 袁術 and the invasion of Xu province in 194 A.D.

Whilst Cao Cao's forces were east in Xu province, Lü Bu 呂布 invaded Yan and a large part of the province revolted. Li Qian had been living in Chengshi (乘氏) and had hosted several thousand families, so he was sent back to Chengshi to settle the trouble in the region. Lü Bu dispatched his Aide-de-Camp Xue Lan 薛蘭 and Li Feng 李封 to try and get Qian to defect, but Qian would not listen to them, so he was killed.

After his death, Qian's son, Li Zheng 李整, was given control of the forces by Cao Cao. Zheng then led the forces against Xue Lan and Li Feng, defeated them, and pacified the various counties of Yan province.



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