Liang Zhongning 梁仲寧 was a leader of Yellow Turbans during the 184 AD Yellow Turban Rebellion.


Information about Liang Zhongning is scarce. As with the other followers of Zhang Jue 張角, it is assumable that Liang Zhongning joined his master between the early 170’s and 184 AD. He eventually became a leader,[2] but it is not known if he was a gang leader or the leader of a Division (Fāng 方).

During the rebellion he fought a troop of Huangfu Song’s army, led by Fu Xie 傅燮. He was defeated and killed.[2]


  1. 1.0 1.1 Fu Xie was sent to serve under Huangfu Song against the Yellow Turbans of Yingchuan commandery.[1] Therefore it seems assumable Liang Zhongning fought in Yingchuan and it was probably his home as well since all other Yellow Turbans seem to have fought in their home commandery.


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