Liao Hua 廖化was a military general of Shu-Han during the Three Kingdoms period. He lived to see the birth of Shu-Han and the fall of Shu-Han.


Liao Hua, formally named Liao Chun, was a native of Xiangyang. He was the chief secretary for Guan Yu, General of the Front. When Guan Yu was defeated at Fancheng, Liao Hua was taken into Wu, Liao Hua, however decided to return to his former ruler, Liu Bei. Liao Hua then escaped westward with his mother traveling day and night. Liao Hua finally met with Liu Bei at Zigui, who was marching eastward. Liu Bei was very pleased and gave him the Grand Administrator of Yidu.

When Liu Bei died after the decisive battle of Yiling (A.D. 223), Liao Hua became advisor to the Prime Minister, and then onto becoming the controller of the Guangwu region. Later on, he was promoted to the position of General of the Chariots and Cavalry of the Right, given the jie privileges, and made designated inspector of Bing Province. He was also granted the title of Marquis of Zhongxiang. He was famous for his determination and prowess. His position was equal to that of Zhang Yi's and second only to Zong Yu.

In the spring of 263 A.D. Liao Hua and Zong Yu were relocated to Luoyang, however they both died along the way.


Fact vs. FictionEdit

  • Liao Hua was not a Yellow Turban.
  • Liao Hua did not rescue Liu Bei's wives from Du Yuan.
  • Faked his own death to get back to Shu—he wasn’t sent as an envoy to Liu Feng and Meng Da to request help.
  • Liao Hua did not obtain Sima Yi's golden helmet.