Liu Xu was King of Anping. He was kidnapped by the Yellow Turbans during the Rebellion in 184 A.D.


At the end of 183 A.D. or early 184 A.D. Liu Xu had been kidnapped by the Yellow Turbans, and the people of his kingdom paid a ransom to get him back. The court was of the opinion that he should be restored to his kingdom, but the Gentleman-Consultant Li Xie said:

"Liu Xu has been found incapable of fulfilling his duty as a vassal lord. He has injured and brought disgrace to your sacred dynasty. He should not be returned to his kingdom."

Li Xie was overruled, he was found guilty of slandering the imperial clan and was made a convict in the Enclosure of the Left.

In the ninth month however, less than a year since his restoration, Liu Xu was found guilty of impious conduct and was executed. His kingdom was abolished.

Li Xie was then reappointed as a Gentleman-Consultant.[1]



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