Ou Xing 區星 was a bandit from Changsha commandery in Jing Province. He made a local rising and fought with Sun Jian 孫堅 in the 10th month of 187. He was loosely allied with rebels in Lingling commandery and Guiyang commandery.


Ou Xing's home was Changsha commandery in Jing Province. During the winter of 187 AD, in the tenth month, he titled himself as General and made a local rising. He had a large group of followers, said to number over 10.000 men, and had a (loose) alliance with the Lingling commandery rebels Zhou Chao 周朝 and Guo Shi 郭石, successors of the religious rebel Guan Gu 觀鵠.

Ou Xing started attacking and besieging cities when an edict appointed the Gentleman-Consultant Sun Jian as Grand Administrator of Changsha commandery. Sun Jian, probably appointed to this position to pacify the commandery, attacked Ou Xing and destroyed him and his followers within just one month since his arrival. Sun Jian was made Marquis of Wucheng following his victory over Ou Xing (and later the rebels in Lingling and Guiyang).[1][3][5]



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