Pan Yin 潘隱 served the eunuch Jian Shi 蹇碩 and was an old friend of He Jin 何進.


The eunuchs of the Imperial Court had gained a lot of influence over Emperor Ling 靈 and used this to fuel their own greed and ambition. One of these eunuchs was Jian Shi, who was promoted to Colonel of the First Army. A serious insult to He Jin, the General-in-Chief, who now had to obey Jian Shi's orders.

Jian Shi hated He Jin and had the urge to kill him. In May 189 A.D., presumably the 13th, Jian Shi invited He Jin for a consult, and He Jin immediately mounted his chariot to go to the palace.

Jian Shi's major Pan Yin, who was an old friend of He Jin, went out to meet the General-in-Chief and gave him a warning look. He Jin took fright and galloped straight back to his quarters. He led out his troops to camp at the Commandery Residences and from there he announced that he was ill and could not come to the palace.[1]



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