Pang Tong was a friend of Sima Hui. He was also one of Shu's advisers. He was nicknamed the "Young Phoenix".


Pang Tong is most famous for recommending Liu Bei three plans to seize Yizhou, which belonged to Liu Zhang at the time. Pang Tong advised Liu Bei to either launch a surprise attack, invite Yang Huai and Gao Pei, to come see Liu Bei leave for Jing and then arrest them or go back to Jing and decide to seize Yizhou. Pang Tong thought the first one would the best and the third one the worst, but Liu Bei chose the second plan. After Liu Bei had absorbed the forces of Yang Huai and Gao Pei, he went to besiege the city of Luo. Unfortunately, Pang Tong was shot and killed by an arrow during this siege.


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  • …Pang Tong did not participate in the Battle of Red Cliffs.
    • …thus he did not fake defection to Cao Cao and present the chain-linking strategy.
  • …Pang Tong did not die in Zhang Ren's ambush. He was killed by a stray arrow while laying siege to Luo city.
  • …Pang Tong was not riding Hex Mark when he was shot with arrows.


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