Pinyin, more formally called Hanyu Pinyin, is currently the most commonly used romanization system for Standard Mandarin. Hànyǔ (汉语 / 漢語) means the Chinese language, and Pīnyīn (拼音) means "phonetics", or more literally, "spelling sound" or "spelled sound".

Pinyin has superseded older romanization styles such as Wade-Giles, from 1859, and Chinese Postal Map Romanization.

Pinyin ExamplesEdit

Chinese Name Roman Wade-Giles Pinyin
孫權 Sun Quan Sun Ch'üan Sūn Quán
諸葛亮 Zhuge Liang Chu-ko Liang Zhūgě Liàng
董卓 Dong Zhuo Tung Cho Dǒng Zhuō
張飛 Zhang Fei Chang Fei Zhāng Fēi

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