Qu Mu 渠穆 was an ally of Zhang Rang 張讓 during the Eunuch struggles. Qu Mu is the one who is responsible for the death of the General-in-Chief He Jin 何進.


Qu Mu was the Supervisor of the Palace Workshop. In historical sources he is only mentioned once, however his one mention is one of importance.

In 189 A.D., the 22nd of September, the General-in-Chief He Jin, who was plotting against the Regular Attendants, had an audience with the Empress-Dowager and he requested all Attendants to be executed. He Jin was overheard by a follower of the Attendants. Then the Attendants led several dozen men of their party, including Qu Mu, to take up weapons, go in quietly by a side entrance and conceal themselves behind the doors of the palace.

He Jin came out and the Attendants said they had orders from the Empress-Dowager to call him back. He Jin turned around and waited by the doors. This is when Qu Mu drew his swords and cut off the General-in-Chief's head.[1]


  • Being a eunuch, Qu Mu was surely killed during the eunuch slaughter.


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