Shamoke 沙摩柯 also known as King Shamoke 沙摩柯王, was a ruler of non-Chinese barbarians. In 222 AD he aided Liu Bei in his grudge-battle against Wu.


Very little is written about Shamoke. His one mention can be found in the Sanguo zhi 卷58 - Book of Wu 13: Biography of Lu Xun:

...he [Lu Xun] attacked [the Shu-Han troops] with fire and destroyed them. With this one stroke the thing was accomplished. He [Lu Xun] beheaded Zhang Nan 張南, Feng Xi 馮習 and Shamoke 沙摩柯, King of Hú 胡, as well as others and destroyed over forty of their encampments.[2]

Shamoke was a King of 胡. ‘Hú’ is an exonym for non-Chinese barbarians coming from the north or the west of China. In other words, Shamoke was the ruler, or a ‘King’, of a tribe of non-Chinese people.

Shamoke, as well as various other tribeleaders, joined Liu Bei in his 222 AD battle against Sun Quan. His exact role is unknown. It is unclear what he did during the battle before his death.


Fact vs. FictionEdit


  • …Shamoke did not kill Gan Ning
    [see the fictional event: Shamoke kills Gan Ning].
  • …Shamoke was not killed by Zhou Tai.
  • …Shamoke was not a king of tribal people of the five valleys in Wuling.
  • …Shamoke was not one of the Nanman.


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