Sili Yuancheng 司隸緣城 was a leader among the Black Mountain Bandits. Sili Yuancheng is a nickname, meaning “Director of Retainers Who Scales the City Wall”. His first and only mention comes in 184, when the Black Mountain Bandits were formed around the time of the Yellow Turban Rebellion.

While many of his fellow bandits were killed by Yuan Shao in 193 in several skirmishes, Sili Yuancheng is not mentioned in these.


  • Sili Yuancheng's nickname seems based on the title Colonel Director of Retainers (sīlì xiàowèi 司隸校尉).
  • The name Sili Yuancheng is found in the Records of the Three Kingdoms, the History of the Later Han mentions a Sili Yuanzai 司隸掾哉 which seems to be a miswriting for Sili Yuancheng.