Template:Infobox Character Other Su Fei was a general who served under Huang Zu. He recommended the fighting man Gan Ning to Sun Quan.


During the Battle of Xiakou, Su Fei conviced Gan Ning, whom was under Huang Zu's service and very much disliked him, to leave him for Sun Quan. Gan Ning managed to do so. Su Fei later survived the battle, but was captured by the Wu forces. When Su Fei was about to be put to death by Sun Quan, Gan Ning, whom Su had conviced Gan Ning to surrender to Sun Quan, told Sun Quan to spare his life. Sun Quan did so.


Fact vs. FictionEdit
  • Historically, Su Fei did not defend a gate that protected Cai Mao and his fleet and was not killed by Taishi Ci.