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Three Kingdoms is the latest Chinese television series based on Luo Guanzhong's novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The series is directed by Gao Xixi and features a total of 95 episodes. The Yellow Turban Rebellion and the Ten Attendants Battle will be skipped, thus the series starts with the Anti-Dong Zhuo campaign, precisely at Cao Cao's failed assassination on Dong Zhuo. It will end shortly after Sima Yi's death, skipping Jiang Wei's Fourth Invasion and the fall of the Empires.


Three Kingdoms tells us the story of Luo Guanzhong's Romance of the Three Kingdoms in a rather unique way. Unlike the 1994 TV series which mainly tries to re-tell the events from the novel, the 2010 TV series focusses more on how the characters went through all the battles and events described in the novel. This results in more dialogue and more emotions.

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Episode titles might contain spoilers!
  1. Cao Cao fails in assassinating Dong Zhuo
  2. Chen Gong releases Cao Cao
  3. Cao Cao kills Lu Boshe by mistake
  4. Guan Yu cuts down Hua Xiong
  5. The three heroes fight Lu Bu
  6. Sun Jian obtains the Imperial Seal
  7. Yuan Shao causes Sun Jian's death
  8. Wang Yun plots the "double snare"
  9. Diaochan captivates Dong Zhuo
  10. Lu Bu desires to kill the traitor
  11. Liu Bei helps Tao Qiao guard Xuzhou
  12. Lu Bu seeks refuge with Liu Bei
  13. Cao Cao holds the Emperor to command the lords
  14. Zhang Fei gets drunk and loses Xuzhou
  15. Lu Bu shoots at his halberd
  16. Enter Zhou Yu
  17. Lu Bu loses Xuzhou
  18. Lu Bu's tragic death at White Gate Tower
  19. Diaochan is killed
  20. Cao Cao and Liu Bei discuss heroes
  21. Liu Bei allies with Yuan Shao against Cao Cao
  22. Liu Bei is separated from his brothers
  23. Guan Yu receives Red Hare
  24. Guan Yu cuts down Yan Liang and Wen Chou
  25. Guan Yu travels a thousand miles alone
  26. The curtains rise for the Battle of Guandu
  27. Cao Cao crushes Yuan Shao
  28. Xu You goes to the Cao camp by night
  29. Xu You joins Cao Cao; Yuan Shao is vanquished
  30. Liu Bei garrisons at Xinye
  31. Liu Bei leaps across Tan Stream on horseback
  32. Xu Shu turns around to recommend Zhuge Liang
  33. The recruiting of Zhuge Liang
  34. Sun Ce passes authority to Sun Quan
  35. Zhuge Liang's first command
  36. The great battle at Changban Slope
  37. Debating the scholars
  38. The rousing of Zhou Yu
  39. Jiang Gan persuades Zhou Yu to surrender
  40. Zhuge Liang borrowing arrows with straw-covered boats
  41. Battle of Red Cliff (1)
  42. Battle of Red Cliff (2)
  43. Sima Yi appears
  44. Cao Cao scares away Ma Teng
  45. Cao Cao bereaves a beloved son
  46. Liu Bei and Zhou Yu fight for Nanjun
  47. Battle of Nanjun
  48. Zhou Yu sulks and nurses his injuries at Chaisang

49. Zhao Yun fights a hundred men barehanded
50. Guan Yu recruits Huang Zhong
51. Lu Su demands for Jingzhou once more
52. Liu Bei goes to Wu to get married
53. Sun Quan is enraged by Zhou Yu
54. Sun Xiaomei and Liu Bei's wedding
55. Liu Bei's clever return to Jingzhou
56. Zhuge Liang enrages Zhou Yu thrice
57. Zhou Yu, defeated, dies with regret
58. Zhuge Liang mourns Zhou Yu
59. Poetry competition at the Bronze Bird Tower
60. Ma Teng goes to the capital
61. Ma Teng falls into a trap and is killed
62. Xu Chu duels Ma Chao
63. Zhang Song humiliated
64. Zhang Song presents a map
65. Wei Yan does a sword dance, targeting Liu Zhang
66. Pang Tong dies at Fallen Phoenix Slope
67. Ma Chao vows to serve the Imperial Uncle
68. Guan Yunchang fights Lu Su
69. Huang Zhong overcomes Hanzhong
70. Cao Cao kills Yang Xiu
71. Guan Yu has his bone scraped to treat a poisoned wound
72. Guan Yu's tragic suicide at Mai Castle
73. Cao Cao passes away
74. Cao Zhi composes a poem to save his life
75. Cao Pi ascends the throne
76. Emperor Xian commit suicides
77. Liu Bei declares himself Emperor, Zhang Fei is killed
78. Liu Bei invades Wu
79. Sun Quan submits to Cao Pi
80. Huang Zhong's death
81. The burning of 700 miles of Shu camps
82. The renewal of the Shu-Wu alliance
83. Liu Bei's demise, Liu Shan takes the throne
84. Zhuge Liang memorializes on the expedition
85. Zhuge Liang scolds Wang Lang to death
86. Ma Su lost Jieting
87. Zhuge Liang weeps and executes Ma Su
88. Zhao Yun passes away
89. Zhuge Liang defeats Sima Yi
90. Zhuge Liang's briliant plot to kill Cao Zhen
91. Zhuge Liang overcomes Chencang with stratagem
92. Kong Ming sends a letter to insult Sima Yi
93. The burning of Shangfang Valley
94. Zhuge Liang passes away
95. The death of Sima Yi

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