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Lü Bu vs Three Brothers - Qing SGYY

Lü Bu fighting the three brothers at Hulao Pass

Having defeated Hua Xiong 華雄 at Sishui Gate, the coalition now faces the 'invincible' Lü Bu 呂布. Several warriors had challenged Lü Bu, but none managed to defeat him, or come even close to defeating him. When Gongsun Zan 公孫瓚 was defeated Lü Bu gave chase, but Zhang Fei 張飛 interfered. They battled for fifty rounds, with neither gaining an advantage over the other. Guan Yu 關羽 dashed out to assist his sworn brother. After another thirty rounds, Liu Bei 劉備, holding up his Dual Swords, also joined the battle.

The three sworn brothers gallopped around Lü Bu, caging him. Lü Bu feigned a strike at Liu Bei, which created an opening in the circle through which he fled. This victory made the three brothers famous. The trio tried to chase after Lü Bu, but were unable to catch up to him because of his fast steed Red Hare.

What happened historically?Edit

  • Historically, the battle at Hulao Pass never took place.
  • Historically, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu did not participate in the Campaign against Dong Zhuo.
  • Historically, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu were just minor officers under Gongsun Zan at that period.