Wade-Giles, sometimes abbreviated as Wade, is a Romanization system for Mandarin. It's base lies in a system made by Tomas Wade in the 19th century and it was completed with Herbert Giles' Chinese English Dictionary of 1892, hence the name Wade-Giles.

Wade–Giles was the only system of transcription in the English-speaking world for most of the 20th century, used in several standard reference books and in all books about China published before 1979. It replaced the Manjin system, but was later replaced by the current Pinyin system

Wade-Giles ExamplesEdit

Chinese Name Roman Wade-Giles Pinyin
貂蟬 Diaochan Tiao-ch‘an Diāochán
波才 Bo Cai Po Ts‘ai Bō Cái
關平 Guan Ping Kuan P‘ing Guān Píng
黄月英 Huang Yueying Huang Yüeh-ying Huáng Yuèyīng

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