Wang Yun 王允 was a Minister of Masses serving under Emperor Xian during the Three Kingdoms of China. During that time many of the emperors were mere puppets controlled by eunuchs. When Dong Zhuo caused tyranny, Wang Yun plotted and successfully staged Lü Bu's assassination of Dong Zhuo.


Wang Yun came from Qi county (祁县, south of present day Taiyuan, Shanxi). His family had many members who had served as administrative officials in the regional government for generations. At the age of 19 Wang Yun became an official and the inspector of Yu province. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion. However, later he failed in the power struggle with the eunuch Zhang Rang. He had to abandon his position and hide himself in countryside.

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  • …Wang Yun did not have an adopted daughter named Diaochan.
  • …Wang Yun turned Lü Bu over using words, not by using a girl. There was a maidservant Lü Bu had slept with, but this was not part of Wang Yun's scheme. The girl had only slept with Lü Bu, not with Dong Zhuo.