Lady Qiao 喬, or perhaps more famously known under her Koei alias Xiao Qiao 小喬, is a woman renowned for her peerless beauty. She was born as the daughter of Qiao Xuan and later married Zhou Yu, famous strategist of Wu.


Xiao Qiao, along with her older sister Da Qiao 大喬, were born in Lujiang as the daughters of Qiao Xuan, a high official of Eastern Han. As Xiao Qiao grew into adulthood, she became a very attractive woman and she would eventually be remembered as one of the greater beauties of ancient China.

During Sun Ce's conquest of Wu territory, at Wan, she met Sun Ce and Zhou Yu. Sun Ce kept her older sister for himself and gave Xiao Qiao to Zhou Yu. The two would eventually marry and give birth to two sons; Zhou Xun and Zhou Yin. In the year 210 A.D., Zhou Yu fell ill and died. What happened to Xiao Qiao after this is not known.[1]



  • 'Xiao' litally means 'little', thus Xiao Qiao means 'younger Qiao'.
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