Yuan Shu 袁術 was minor warlord during the final years of the Later Han dynasty and an emperor of his own dynasty called Zhong, the first dynasty founded near the end of Han. Founding his own dynasty did not make Yuan Shu popular among his contemporaries. A campaign was launched against him and about two years after founding Zhong Yuan Shu died, and with him his dynasty.

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Yuan Shu style name Gonglu was the son of the Excellency of Works (sīkōng 司空), and was the younger brother of [Yuan] Shao [袁]紹. He had a heroic spirit. He was recommended Filial and Incorrupt (xiàolián 孝廉) He went on to serve office within Wai. He later served as Ram Repelling Company Commander (zhéchōng xiàowèi 折衝校尉) and General of the Household Rapid as a Tiger (hǔbēn zhōnglángjiāng 虎賁中郎將). When Dong Zhuo took over the Emperor he appointed [Yuan] Shu as General of the Rear (hòu jiāngjūn 候將軍). Shu, however, feared [Dong] Zhuo and fled to Nanyang [commandery]. There, Shu met the Grand Administrator of Changsha commandery, Sun Jian 孫堅, and they killed the Grand Administrator of Nanyang commandery, Zhang Zi. Shu then seized his land. The families in Nanyang commandery numbered 1.000.000, yet he desired more. He levies the control and hundreds of families are bitter towards him. Since there had been plenty of occasions already of dislike between Shu and Shao, Shu desired to take part [against Shao] with Liu Biao 劉表 as well as side with Gongsun Zan 公孫瓚 in the north. Shao and Zan had no peace yet in the South he allies with Liu Biao. His younger and older brother give up residence in approximate with distant such as that. He leads troops to enter Chenliu.[1] He leads his army to enter Chenliu. The Grand Progenitor (Cao Cao) takes part with Yuan Shao to break his army and greatly defeats it. Yuan Shu uses the remainder of his force to flee to Jiujiang commandery. There he kills the Inspector of Yang province Chen Wen and takes his province.[2] He then uses Zhang Xun and Qiao Rui to serve rank as General-in-Chief. Li Jue enters Chang'an and desires to bind Yuan Shu to serve to help. He uses Yuan Shu to serve as General of the Left and conferred him as Marquis of Yangzhai. He sends the Grand Tutor Ma Midi because he Shu to adhere to him and follow him. Shu robs Midi and retains him and does not send back a dispatch.[3]

[2] You servant Pei Songzhi, and the Yingxiong ji: Chen Wen style name Yuanti, was a Runan man. Earlier he served as Inspector of Yang province, but he fell sick and died. Yuan Shao sent Yuan Yi to receive province, he is defeated and scatters, retreating back to his state. He then goes on to slaughter the place. Shu changes and uses Chen Yu to serve in Yang province. Yu style name Gongwei, was a Xiapei man. Yu already received province but Shu was defeated at Fengqiu and goes in opposite direction towards Shouchun. Yu resists Shu but cannot accept. Shu withdraws to defend Yinling. Still he sends an army to attack Yu. Yu fears and withdraws to Xiapei.

As Such, they follow Wen but cannot slaughter the place.

[3] Sanfu Juelu zhu: Ma Midi style name Wengshu, was of a Marong nationality. As a young man he went to get an occupation and he used his talent and skill to study. He takes part with Yang Bio, Lu Zhi, and Cai Yong to work to proofread their letters. He passes through the positions for the Nine Ministers, and forthwith rises to be Grand Tutor. He offers the Emperor Sping and Autumn and says, Shu follows Ri Du in a means of observing him. Because he steals and does not pay back and has prepared an army of 1 thousand men, you should send a messenger quickly to dispel him.


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