Zhang Bo 張伯 was a leader of Yellow Turbans in the region of Yingchuan commandery. He fought in the 184 A.D. Yellow Turban Rebellion.


Not much is known about Zhang Bo. He was a leader of Yellow Turbans, but we are not told whether he was a Division leader or a local leader.

Zhang Bo was killed by a troop of Huangfu Song's forces, commanded by Fu Xie 傅燮 in 184.[1] Because Fu Xie commanded only a troop of Huangfu Song’s forces it seems more likely that Zhang Bo was a local leader of a smaller Yellow Turban force, rather than a Small Division Leader (6.000 ~ 7.000 men) or Large Division Leader (10.000+ men).


  1. Since most other Yellow Turban leaders fought in their native commandery it is assumable that Zhang Bo's home of record was Yingchuan commandery.


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