Zhang Chao 張超 was a man from Hejian commandery. He claimed descent from the great minister Zhang Liang 張良 of Former Han. He fought in the 184 A.D. Yellow Turban Rebellion.


Zhang Chao's home of record was Hejian commandery in Ji Province. He claimed to be a descendant from Zhang Liang,[1] the great strategist and minister of Former Han, and one of the "Three Heroes of the early Han Dynasty" (Hàn chū sānjié 漢初三傑).

Zhang Chao was a man of great literary ability and was skilled in the informal "Grass Style" of calligraphy (cǎoshū 草書). His collected works amounted to nineteen pian of rhapsodies, hymns, inscriptions, proclamations and letters.[1]

In 184 Zhang Chao was a Senior Major (biébù sīmǎ 别部司馬) under the General of the Gentlemen of the Household of the Left Zhu Jun 朱儁 and he followed him in his fight against the Yellow Turbans in Wan city in Nanyang commandery.[1]



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