Zhang Mancheng 張曼成 was a leader of Yellow Turbans. He fought in the 184 AD. Yellow Turban Rebellion and scored an immediate success when he killed the Grand Administrator of Nanyang commandery.


Zhang Mancheng was from Nanyang commandery in Jing province.[1] Presumably a man of lesser wealth because he joined the religious leader Zhang Jue 張角 after the early 170’s.

In 184 the Yellow Turban Rebellion began and Zhang Jue had divided his force over thirty-six Divisions (Fāng 方) and appointed each Division, either a Large Division or a Small Division, with its own leader. Each Division Leader could then appoint a gang leader to a part of his force.[3] Which of these titles, if any, was given to Zhang Mancheng is not known, but since he commanded a large force he may have been a leader of a Large Division or Small Division.

We do know that Zhang Mancheng fought in Nanyang commandery and that a Division in Nanyang commandery was intended to cooperate with the Yellow Turbans from Runan commandery (Peng Tuo?), Yingchuan commandery (Bo Cai?) and Luoyang (Ma Yuanyi).[4] Perhaps Zhang Mancheng commanded the Nanyang force that was to cooperate with the above forces. We are not told if there was another group of Yellow Turbans in Nanyang commandery.


Early in the year 184 AD. a man named Tang Zhou 唐周 betrayed his fellow Yellow Turbans by informing the Han about his masters’ plan to rebel and all Yellow Turbans in Luoyang and their sympathizers were arrested or killed. Ma Yuanyi was torn asunder and the forces of Runan commandery, Yingchuan commandery and Nanyang commandery had to do without his powerful Division.[2]

Struggle for WanEdit

On 23 April 184 AD Zhang Mancheng dispatched his troops, which were said to consist of several 10.000 men,[2] called himself “Messenger of the Gods”[5] and attacked Nanyang commandery’s Grand Administrator Chu Gong 褚貢. He managed to kill him and then besieged Wan city for some time. In the sixth month Qin Jie 秦頡, the former Grand Administrator of Changsha commandery and now appointed as the new Grand Administrator of Nanyang commandery, attacked Zhang Mancheng and killed him.[2]

Zhang Mancheng’s remnant forces elected Zhao Hong 趙弘 as their new leader.[6]



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