Regular Palace Attendant Zhao Zhong 趙忠 was a eunuch from Anping fiefdom in Ji Province. Like Cao Jie 曹節, he seems to have been from a gentry background whereas most other eunuchs were of more common birth. In the 180's Zhao Zhong was made a Regular Palace Attendant and enfeoffed as full marquis along with eleven other eunuchs, including Zhang Rang 張讓.


When his father died, Zhao Zhong took ornaments from the Imperial workshop. The Inspector of Ji heard about this, arrested family members, broke the tomb and moved the body out. The Inspector was punished with Zhao Zhong being a favourite of Emperor Huan. Under Emperor Ling, was made the adjudicator in a full court debate over whether Dowager Dong should be buried as Empress or concubine. He seemed to handle it fairly. On Cao Jie's death, he was put in charge of Empress He's household, described as mother to Emperor Ling and greatly favoured. He slandered Lü Qiang, had his house in Ye confiscated by Huangfu Song during the Turbans revolt, slandered Fu Xie. After the fire at the palace, did the same as Zhang Rang.

Ordered to recommended those who performed well against Turbans in 186 A.D. and asked Fu Xie for a bribe, was furious when Fu Xie insulted him but dared do nothing against the famous general. Got letter from Jian Shuo but refused to join in plot, he was killed by the rampaging troops of Yuan Shao and He Miao.




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