Zhu Bao 朱褒 was a Grand Administrator (tàishǒu 太守) of Zangke 牂柯 commandery for Shu-Han. About 223 AD he joined the chieftain Yong Kai who started a local rebellion in the region of Nanzhong.


Zhu Bao is mentioned in the Huayang guo zhi, scroll (juàn 卷) 4 as being a Grand Administrator of Zangke commandery[n 1] about 223 AD, thus serving Shu-Han.

After the death of Liu Bei in the fourth month of 223 AD chieftain in the south of Yi Province called Yong Kai revolted and seized the Grand Administrator of Yizhou Commandery and sent him to Sun Quan of Wu as a means of offering allegiance. In return Sun Quan appointed Yong Kai from afar as Grand Administrator of Yongchang Commandery (Yǒngchāng tàishǒu 永昌太守).[n 2]

When Yong Kai went to pick up his post he was met with strong resistence by Shu-Han troops and was unable to advance. He therefore called upon the help of a man of the district, called Meng Huo 孟獲. Meng Huo was asked to persuade the various barbarian tribes of the region to join Yong Kai. Zhu Bao was one of the men who revolted and responded.[2]

In 225 AD the Shu-Han prime minister Zhuge Liang headed south to pacify the region of Nanzhong. Ma Zhong 馬忠 and Li Hui 李恢 supported him.[3]

Ma Zhong was ordered to attack Zangke commandery, where Zhu Bao was active.[3] At Qielan 且蘭 district in Zangke commandery Ma Zhong defeated Zhu Bao.

There are no records of him thereafter and the cause of his death is unknown.


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