Zou Jing 鄒靖 was a Colonel (xiàowèi 校尉) during the 184 A.D. Yellow Turban Rebellion. He fought in the north with Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei under his command.


When the Yellow Turban Rebellion broke out in 184 Zou Jing was a Colonel and was sent north to fight the Yellow Turbans.[1] Which group of Yellow Turbans he was supposed to attack is not known. Perhaps it were the most northern commanderies of Zhuo and Guangyang in You province.

The later-to-be famous trio Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei were under his command.[2] Details of their campaign are not known. They were probably victorious because there is no mention of any other force heading in that direction. Also, in 185 Zou Jing was promoted to Adjutant of the Northern Army (běijūn zhōnghóu 北軍中侯).[1]

In 185, as Adjutant of the Northern Army, he recommanded recruiting troops from the Xianbi 鮮卑 barbarians, rather than from the Wuhuan 烏桓, to fight the rebels of Liang province.[1]


  1. Zou Jing did not fight in the Liang Province Rebellion, he only adviced the Han to recruit troops from the Xianbi.

Fact vs. FictionEdit

  • Historically Zou Jing did not serve Liu Yan.


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