Zuo Feng 左豐 was a eunuch who served the Han at the time of Emperor Ling's reign.


Zuo Feng was a eunuch and a Junior Attendant of the Yellow Gates. During the Yellow Turban Rebellion he was ordered to inspect Lu Zhi's campaign against Zhang Jue 張角. Lu Zhi 盧植 had defeated Zhang Jue on multiple occasions and the latter had fled back to Guangzong in Ji Province. Lu Zhi was preparing for the final attack when he heard of the news that Zuo Feng was ordered to visit him.

Lu Zhi was told to prepare presents for Zuo Feng, but he refused to do so. When Zuo Feng returned to the capital, he told the Emperor:

"It would be easy to destroy the rebels in Guangzong, but General Lu allows his army to rest behind strong defences. He does no more than hope that some punishment from Heaven will befall the rebels."

The Emperor became very angry and he ordered a cage cart to be sent to Lu Zhi. When Lu Zhi arrived at the capital he was sentenced to death commuted by one degree. Dong Zhuo 董卓 replaced him, but failed to gain any succes against Zhang Liang 張梁, who, in the meantime, had replaced the ill Zhang Jue. Zuo Feng is not mentioned in any history after this event.[1]


  • Being a eunuch, it is likely that Zuo Feng was killed during the Eunuch Massacre in 189 A.D.


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